Hello all.  I have an opinion.  Actually, I have several opinions about a lot of different things.  I’ve also been told I’m an above mediocre writer. Therefore, I thought I would put my writing talents together with my opinions and create this blog.  If you like what I have to say, stick around.  I’ll probably piss you off eventually.  If you don’t like what I have to say, know this:  I’m sure that you have another point of view that you think is equally correct.  I’m also sure that I think your idea(s) is/are as stupid as you think mine are.  I don’t let them change my opinion of you as a person, I would hope you’ll extend me the same courtesy.  I enjoy a good debate, so if there’s something you want to talk about or discuss with me, please leave me a comment.  I’m an attention whore and I love instant gratification.  That’s why I think the internet is so cool.  That all being said, I promise to answer every comment posted.

Ok…I think that about sums this whole thing up.  Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride.  The first post from this experiment is coming up soon!